Office Visit - Speech Therapy

Your Speech Pathologist will work with you IN OFFICE with an individualized treatment plan in one or more of the following areas:
1. VOICE THERAPY - Understand why you may have hoarseness, voice loss, fatigue and/or pain with talking, and learn to improve or restore your speaking and/or singing voice.
2. BREATHING RETRAINING & LARYNGEAL CONTROL THERAPY - Understand why you may have breathing difficulties and learn optimal breathing patterns for exercise/activity, for speaking or singing, or for general comfort and well being.
3. BEHAVIORAL COUGH SUPPRESSION THERAPY - Understand why you may have chronic cough, throat clearing, and/or throat irritation, and learn to reduce or stop this for improved quality of life, general comfort and well being.
4. FACIAL RETRAINING - Understand the functions of the facial nerve, and learn to improve facial expressions (movements), eye protection, synkinesis, and functions such as eating, drinking, and speaking. Learn about facial nerve injury, recovery, and prognosis.
5. SWALLOWING THERAPY - Understand why you may be having difficulty swallowing and learn exercises, techniques and strategies to improve the safety, comfort, and efficiency of eating and drinking.

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